What does it mean to be creative?
What does it mean to be creative? creative stories

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We are all creative and after writing this, i'm still not sure what it means.

What does it mean to be creative?

When you consider yourself to be creative it means you have an additional quality that will seem to those around you as being some sort of superpower they can only dream of having.

In actual fact you know, having had it for so long, that it is something that brings you to your knees and tortures you from the inside out.

You might be an artist who specializes in portraits or installations, you're a writer,

a cartoonist or even a sign writer when in truth without putting years of perfecting the skills and techniques that make you great at what you do, your left with this raw,

untamed passion that can often misguide and fool you throughout your life.

Being creative is so complex. Long gone are the times when you were simply described as a painter and categorized as an artist, oh no, being artistic can mean a whole bunch of things.

You can be artistic when baking cakes or sewing quilts, things that were considered skills that took lengthy amounts of practice and education to be good at them,

so is it the way in which you do something that makes you artistic? Maybe.

I think it is constantly over looked, when a creative person can make something with so little effort,

that we should not applaud their efforts to become good at something but what we should be doing is recognizing this person is naturally good at doing something.

Good, you're really good at doing what you do. That's it. The cartoon you published in that magazine was really good because it did what is was supposed to do, make people laugh.

Emotion is replaced with color, shape, tone, texture. All the things that were once effortless are now pieces in a puzzle that can make or break a piece of art.

Fine art, installations and paintings in a gallery are spoken about by ordinary people, critics and professionals as provoking emotion or representing injustices.

So does this mean that a cartoonist is a fine artist? Nobody knows. The reason there is no answer to the question is because being creative has no boundaries, no rules, and no limits.

Everyone is creative then. I'll ask again, what is it that specifically makes someone creative?

No matter how much I go through life, toying with my talents, trying to figure out how I can make money doing what I like, how I can get recognized by lots of people for what I do,

I don't actually remember why I'm doing it. Am I trying to make my talents a success because it would be a waste if I didn't? As I said before, it's torture and yet I can't leave it alone.

Opinion, ridicule, judgement and popularity are what we are subjected to. Our artworks are an extension of ourselves.

We are creatively giving the go ahead for people to smack us down or call us gods.

Do you make music? If you don't make stacks of cash making music, are you any good? If lots of people don't listen to your music, is it rubbish?

I just said that being creative has no limits, you cannot be pigeon holed. You are neither a failure nor a success.

Unfortunately you had to get it out, it was pulling you apart and if you didn't do something you felt as if you were going to burst. That's why you did it.

Being creative is something we can't describe. In truth, we can examine it all we like, we can discuss it and experiment with it but we cannot make it. To create creativeness is impossible.

You can learn particular skills that make you better. You can do certain things that make it a success but what you can't do is force it.

Being creative is a chance. A chance to leave your mark on a world that will immortalize you and you don't just have to be good at drawing to do it.

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