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A Father's Day tribute

The Vault of Home Videos

The home videos lay silent in a blanket of dust in the cupboard. They felt neglected and forgotten by the few that they were made for by generations before them.

A lifetime captured on tape, precious, fuzzy memories and tingly, familiar voices had no future at all, no purpose to serve but to instead accept a destiny of decay.

Then blinded by natural light, the door swung open, the tapes felt frightened and nervous with a warmth soothing the cave in which they lived.

Could this be it?, they wondered, or is it just another false alarm because someone was sure their missing phone charger might be in the one place where time stands still.

A hand reached inside and now there were less of them. The door slammed shut. Why now? If of course what they thought was happening on the outside was indeed happening.

There was an uneasy atmosphere in the cupboard, where was he taken and when, if at all, will he be back?

Once more a flash of light and the video was reunited with the others who were set to explode with cheers and instead, nothing.

All that filled the empty air was a flustered, wide eyed expression that said it all.

What the hell was that all about? When they eventually calmed down and composed themselves in preparation for another lengthy sentence, something was different, something was new.

It was then they realised the hero who had left so suddenly had been branded with a crisp, crooked label and there was more.

Gasps of excitement drowned the mystified expressions and echoed through years of recluse. The label read 'Happy Father's Day'.

What seemed like days had passed and the collection of home videos were tired of having their emotions toyed with.

It seemed at one point, for sure, they would be rescued but now they weren't so certain. In the distance, behind the prison doors, a muffled voice grew closer and closer.

Clearer and clearer still. Louder, until the doors burst open to reveal a room filled with people. Some were old and familiar but there were also some new, younger faces.

The hand stretched towards the video tape, who had been longing to understand why he had been examined, and rushed him into the video player.

The other tapes stood upright, amazed and naked because this time the cupboard doors remained open, so they gazed onward at the television and suddenly a big, burly bloke appeared on screen.

Handsome and energetic at first but as the montage played out he became more reserved and had been filmed asleep in an armchair repeatedly.

The once children, on screen, grew a little bit older and those that were much older slowly disappeared. This is what the home videos had been waiting for.

After all the time that had passed they were once again reunited with family and friends and the ones that had retired to the cupboard could finally see for themselves what a great dad he

had been, on this day most fittingly. Father's day.

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