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A short poem about appearances.


One coat, two coats, put it on thick.

Coat of paint didn't keep the wood alive.

Raincoat didn't keep me dry.

Coat of armor didn't keep my head from pain.

Coat of arms didn't hide the family shame.

One coat, two coats, cover it well.

Make it a scapegoat - I'm not as bad as I look -

Make it a lifeboat - judge me by the cover cause there's nothing in this book.

Make it a trenchcoat - you need detectives to uncover the real me.

Appearance is a turncoat, you can't trust what you see.

One coats, two coats.

Code of conduct, it's an act.

Coat of arms, it's a name.

Coda, it's a tune.

Code, it's a game.

Put as many coats on as you want,

but inside it's still the same.

Coat a grave in paint, still there's death inside.

But I want to be alive.

Desperately I want to find

a paint that cleans the rotting wood beneath,

a helmet that can heal the wounded mind,

a grave that brings its bodies back to life

a covering that makes me what I seem,

a code that tells me what it's all about,

a coat that warms me inside out.

Thanks for reading! This poem was inspired by the daily prompt "coat" from several weeks ago, but I just got it done now. :) (See next slides for thoughts on the meaning of the poem)

Thoughts behind this poem: I tend to worry what people think of me so I need to remember that looking good on the outside is not the point - it's who I am inside that counts. So many people try to fix their problems by hiding their real selves, layering on fake "coats". But what we really need is transformation from the inside out.

I actually believe there IS a kind of covering that doesn't just cover up our inward problems but actually transforms us. This is something I've experienced, so please comment or message me if you'd like to hear more. :) Thanks again for reading! @thislittlelight

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