You’ve Got This 💕
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thisguybrandon 23 - Poetry 💔
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A reminder for you, a reminder for me, you’re not alone, you’ve got this! I love you 💪♥️

You’ve Got This 💕

Pull yourself together my friend, take all the time you need, know that to get better and mend, you don’t always have to bleed.

Please don’t feel to need to pretend, or to fake a smile for me, just pull yourself together my friend, take all the time you need.

It’s okay to shed those tears, dark clouds bring with them rain, know once the storm ups and clears, in store are brighter days.

You feel trapped within your fears, a prisoner of your own brain, don’t think that nobody hears, you’re not alone we’re all the same.

I welcome you with open arms, there for when you are ready, i’ll carry you through any harms , because no weight will be too heavy,

You’re almost there, you’ve come so far, it’s not a race, go steady, you really don’t know how strong you are, pull yourself together for me.


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