Can I Not Be Sad?
Can I Not Be Sad? life stories

thirteen_13 Community member
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"...I fear sadness. I fear pain."

Can I Not Be Sad?

I've always wanted to be happy...

and funny how I actually can. I have lots of reasons to be!

Starting off with the fact of existing in this world, simply living and following paths to walk through.

I love clinging into the moments where my heart and mind are filled with bliss and contentment.

Where I am always overwhelmed and I tend to overjoy.

Because I fear sadness. I fear pain.

I can't even count with my fingers how many times I tried to deny that certainty.

And that's where the cosmos slowly started to cart off my own definition of life...

Pure happiness.

As I grow older, I realized that it's okay being fed up with your miserable and unending downhearted thoughts. That means you are not deprived with the reality.

Lucky enough for us to be able to tremble down in fear, to be able to cry our hearts out in sadness, agony and be able to feel what our hearts always wanted.

I told my self not to fear unhappiness because there is always a calm after the storm.

And that's how life can be actually defined, at least for me.

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