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thinkerdreamerp Dreamer by day, thinker by night 🍦
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On the topic ‘enthusiasm’


It’s what a bear experiences when it sees a gushing stream of cod and salmon - It’s what it sees when it encounters a new hive.

Most of us would think of enthusiasm in myriad ways Me? I have a few different perspectives

It’s the feeling that kept Theseus going through the labyrinth with a mind of its own When he knew he had to save his countrymen from the monstrous Minotaur.

It’s what an artist feels when he sees his finished painting It’s what a musician feels when he ends his heartwarming piece.

It’s what I feel When I see my piano When I see my favourite book When I see simplicity in it’s true form When I see a true friend When I see optimism When I see positivity all around me

That’s enthusiasm

Thanks for reading! Have a great day :)

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