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Who hates going to work?

Going To Work

The train made a loud clunking noise –

like a knackered rollercoaster going up its big climb –

when it pulled out of the station.

When the doors closed,

the man saw simple faces,

open mouths,

cheap clothing on shit parade,

stuffing for a rusty metal box

on wheels.

Moving pathetically,

shunting back-and-forth to the racket it was making,

the train

mercifully exploded

on a not-so distant part of the track.

A laugh

A laugh – a snort –

A laugh – a snort – came out of the man.

While flames danced about on his face,

he imagined every person he hated being on that crappy train.

People he did not even hate necessarily,

merely those who made him feel so much better

merely those who made him feel so much better when they were not around.



"What insignificant fuckheads."

This was not a thought.

He felt it

He felt it - his loathing for the entire human race.

It made him tingle all over.

He felt happy.

"Whatever crap they throw at me," he thought

"Whatever crap they throw at me," he thought, "today is going to be a good day."


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