Not So Simple Feelings
Not So Simple Feelings relationship stories

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ADRIAN. I am shocked she says yes. I was partly joking.

Not So Simple Feelings


I am shocked she says yes. I was partly joking.

Who the hell accepts rides from strangers????

I'm curious about this girl. Her aura, even her words made her seem tough and sassy; that was what made me approach her. Well that and that tiny hot figure hugging dress.

That dress should be illegal.

But as I look in her eyes, I see vulnerability. Warning bells go off in my head. I don't get involved with girls who have shit to deal with.

They always end up wanting more than just sex in the end. The dreaded r-word.

A Relationship.

I don't do relationships. Hell no. They are messy and involve shitty heart stuff. I look her over again. Its a shame I can't get her in my bed. There were so many things I could do to her.

I look her over again,

from her tumbling dark hair that fell in waves around her face to her soft eyes to all that white creamy skin she'd left exposed to the dress that hugged her in all the right places showing

off her curves and stopped right above her knees and her long seemingly endless legs.

Yup. She's definitely my type but I definitely am not going any further with her.

Smirking, I say "Nah. Changed my mind.

Good night babe" I watch her expression morph into first shock then rage before turning around and going to my waiting car, resisting the urge to go back to her,

sling her over my shoulder and take her to bed .

The girl is smoking hot but I have my rules and keeping to them is how I'm still alive today. As I get in; I sneak a glance at the girl, she looks mad.

As in talk-to-me-and-I'll-rip-your-balls-off-furious and is glaring at me. I give her a nod before getting in and driving off.

"Not taking that chica home, boss?" Mercedes, my driver asked, smirking at me through the rear view mirror.

"Nah, not hot enough" I replied, pulling my ringing phone out.

Merc chuckled and started the car.

"What's up bossman?"

I groaned

"Where are we with the papers, Matt?"

Matt started rambling on as we passed the girl still standing there on the sidewalk. I couldn't help swallowing.


If I could just get her into my bed, oh the things I would do to that sweet little body of her's. I felt I was sinning just by thinking about it.

"Hello, Dave?" I snapped out of my fantasy and tuned back into the conversation.


"Is everything okay?"

"Sure, just feel like eating

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