People are poison...(chapter one. Part one)
People are poison...(chapter one. Part one) sifi stories

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People are poison...(chapter one. Part one)

Humans, our hearts are meant to be broken into a Million Pieces. Our brains with only half the intelligence. Our eyes, that are blinded by reality. Our hands, colder then you think.

People are poison. People are who make you 'blind.' Maybe that's why young Aero has isolated herself from any human touch. Maybe that's why she's alone, sitting in the dark.

Maybe she can see the 'reality' that others can't.

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Aero was once, like all nights in-cased in a dark room, in the middle of nowhere. With no human anywhere around. So pitch black that she couldn't see her own hand from an inch away.

No visible light. Not even a small beam of sunlight through cracks. Not even the moon would be visible.

The dark room's only consistent was one flashlight, Infinite food, A mat to sleep on, and of course a toilet.

Forbidden for the room's walls to wear a mirror or any shiny object that could cause a reflection. Aero sat on a worn down black uncomfortable mat that is so little compared to a bed.

Thought rushing through her head, of what the sun looked like. What people looked like. What...' she' looked like. All she did in that isolated room was think, sleep, eat and drink.

Cameras hidden in the walls watched her every movement. Though she didn't know that yet. People would kill to be in her spot right now. The world has been poisoned as well.

Little did you know one day socializing would be poison, love would be a poison. For the past 20 years, no one has ever felt love.

For, about 20 years ago socializing and love made people go mad. They either killed themselves or killed the people they loved dearly.

If no socializing was the only cure, then the government would take it. Seeing 'reality' is part of the poison. That's why there were murders and kidnapping.

But when they found the cure the murders and kidnapping and other harmful things have decreased rather fast. But of course, there are people out there who refused to take the cure.

The citizens call them the ' infected.' because well they are infected. I'm surprised they haven't killed themselves or killed each other yet.

They try to kidnap the 'cured' citizens and just with one simple touch on the shoulder, they will be turned and 'infected.

' places like where Aero is, is the only safe spots and are very limited. People would pay billion to stay there. Aero was only one of 100 people who were never touched by humen skin, ever.

No physical contact. Kids like that are chosen for the next generation. We're no one has to be infected with the poison. Citizens call the kids like Aero 'the untouched.'

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