Bamboo de Amor
Bamboo de Amor  love stories

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Bamboo de Amor

You were mi bamboo

who soaked water of love

and restored fear with peace

You were the harmony

The harmony that sang the blues away

While the moon stood over us

you approach my lip

and held me close to your heart, not ready to let go...

Being with you felt so natural

I called you mi turtle jokingly telling you that you were "slow" pero.....

Really because your time with me was infinite

Buried alive with this unspoken love

How did you become my H 2 my O?

Hydrated me con tu palabras de amor

And showered me with hope that we will stand together side by side

easing one's pain and embracing one's joy

We danced we played we wrestled we watched we slept we pondered and wondered how beautiful it is to be

to be in the arms of each other and feel el "amor completo"!


Pero estas palabras que yo escribo son palabras de dolor

Sabiendo que el amor that we built have condensed to....


Bamboo de Amor

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