Relief of the soul in words
Relief of the soul in words universe stories

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A small text that is not meant to be analyzed by the mind, but felt by the heart, by the soul. I wrote it in admirable ecstasy, had to immediately discharge all the feelings in my heart and if I managed to achieve only a tiny part of that feeling, I give my work as complete. I hope you feel what I felt, but if not, I just needed to give birth to those words.

By: TheWalkingSoul

Relief of the soul in words

by TheWalkingSoul

There is something wrong in the air, something wrong in people, the fabrics of reality are shuffling and behind the pale veil of our day-to-day, something fierce and terrible awakens.

All signs are there, see them who can, for he will ask for everything, burn all that is most dear to you, ask for every sacrifice, every tear, every sweat shall be purged on the sacred altar.

As I enter these words, my eyes carry tears, and my heart rejoices in glory, in the splendor of eternity.

However, my mind fears, fears for the stability that is so dear to it, it is also being shaken,

undoing itself as false promises of security when fate overthrows our derisory castle of certainties.

There are a million paths, and millions of possibilities, each full of secrets, dangers, and adventures.

The new chapter of this story is to be written, something never before seen or contemplated by trees, by human consciousness, or by the rays of the sun.

And a choice is put before me, bend or break, for there will be no more dialogues, he only hopes that I accept, that I surrender to the fire that burns in the depths of my soul,

that my mind remembers the first moments of silent in the universe that are still inside my soul, before the music of the spheres began its complex symphony.

Cursed ones who hide their bodies with lies, with the false skins carefully made by years of attack against the sacred.

Destroy what has entered the dwelling of your heart as a guest, then became a tenant and today is already the owner of your emotions, the lord of your spirit.

And when you sleep, he mocks your nakedness, mocks your dignity when you sleep faithfully clinging to the fetters that keep you from flying to the heights of the human condition.

And when the night falls upon your heart with doubts and uncertainties, call your inner name and all the shadows will open your way.

For you are nothing more than the most beautiful star made flesh,

the most sacred of the moonlight that invites all to contemplate their diverse personalities while playing on the wheels of life, while running from family to families, from love to loves,

looking for a glimpse in the another of the treasures he carries with himself.

Come now to your daily life, think with me in every moment that you have been loved, when you first smiled at your parents, and remember the sun on a Sunday morning,

this morning so tender in your memory that you lost yourself in the past.

Think about the last time you slept in your bed, or when you and all your friends had seen each other for the last time, even though none of you knew about it.

These are the jewels that make up you, the paints that color your soul, the importance of your life is measured by how many real moments you lived.

And after a lifetime, at its last breath, when the inertia of silence leads you, experience the emptiness, the womb of the universe and after a moment of rest in the wind,

a new woman will give birth to you.

And so it will be, until you complete your soul, sculpt your light in splendor and will, collecting the various pieces scattered in moments, people and places,

pieces that glimpse the splendor of eternity.

In the moments when the sunset bleeds before nightfall, when two lovers give the first kiss, in which all nature vibrates, in a secret song revealed only to those who know their notes,

in that moment, you will return to your true home . There are several races, several planets, and in all languages, in all differences, the heart says the same phrase "We want to go home."

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