Midnight Wishes
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thesunisalyre Just getting Bi
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Shall I wish for Power?

Midnight Wishes

Shall I wish for power? To rule over others, To be the one in control, With a golden crown and silken bed covers.

Shall I wish for fame? To be loved by all, And envied by most, My photos hung on bedroom walls.

Shall I wish for beauty? To dazzle strangers with my smile, To entrance others with a look, Sitting looking pretty for a while.

Shall I wish for love? To feel a warm embrace on a cold night, To stroke your hair beneath silver moonlight, A presence to tell me everything's alright.

Or maybe I should wish to be content? To be proud of all I've done, To smile at my reflection, To truly be happy with the life I've won.

And maybe, If I don't whine and moan, I can make my wish come true, All on my own.

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