The Suspicious Motel
The Suspicious Motel scary stories

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John leaves to go on a vacation. While driving it got dark and John got tired. He checks into the motel but something is wrong.

The Suspicious Motel

It was the middle of summer and John decided to go on a vacation. He pictured the amazing city with lights, statues, and many other wonders. "I can't wait!" John claimed.

After packing, John got into his car and drove away. it was 14 hours until his destination. It started to get dark. John could see the sun slowly fall below the horizon.

He decided to get to the nearest stopping place. After looking everywhere John could see a motel sign that started to fade into view.

As John grew nearer to the motel, he could see that it looked like a complete garbage dump. John decided to pull into the old cracked up parking lot.

"Well, it's a place to stay," John said as he got out of his car yawning. He opened the rusty door and walked slowly into the motel.

"Hello! How can I help you?" asked the lady at the front counter with a huge bright smile on her face. John replied, "I just need a place to stay.

" The lady kept her big smile while she looked for an open room. John looked around and could now fully see how horribly disgusting the motel was.

The walls looked moldy and scratched up, the floor and carpets had red stains on them, and all of the door handles were rusty and gross.

John turned back towards the lady and he saw that the lady's smile completely disappeared from her face. She looked back up and quickly put her smile back as if it were a mask. "I'm sorry.

You have room 613," the lady told John. John was confused as to why she said sorry. "Why'd you say sorry?" John asked.

The lady dodged the question and just replied with, "Your room is down the hall and to the left." John confused still walked down the hallway.

He could see that the lady's smile disappeared once again. John felt anxious. It felt like something was wrong.

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