Random SCP-3008 script
Random SCP-3008 script scp stories

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Random SCP-3008 tale.

Random SCP-3008 script

D-9871: Hey! Hey! I found it! The exit! It was right here all this time. At the chairs section.

Man: I've been here for forty-five years. I have been to this section over 140 times. It was right under my nose.

[Man breaks down and cries]

Man: All these years! All these mother [REDACTED] years! It was right here. FORTY-FIVE YEARS! OF MY LIFE! GONE! Please. I need a minute. I can't take this.

D-9871: Dude-

Man: No! I need silence in these times of joy and sadness.

D-9871: No seriously-

Man: I said times of joy and sadness!

D-9871: DUDE! It was a joke. It's April fools. Haha?

Man: what

D-9871: I said its a joke...

Man: I'm holding a knife in my hand and I've had lots of experience slitting throats.

D-9871: It was just a prank dude. No need to get mad. The camera was right there.

Dr. [REDACTED] at the foundation: Um... sir. D class 9871 has been [DATA EXPUNGED]. His spinal cord and femur bone were split in half and found at opposite ends of the known map of 3008.

Other doctor: But that's over 10,000 miles long.

Dr. [REDACTED]: I- I know. W- what should we do?

Other doctor: We need to get the 05 on this.

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