Pandemic- GREYSON|Chapter One: A Normal Checkup
Pandemic- GREYSON|Chapter One: A Normal Checkup pandemic stories

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Greyson's wife, Samantha has any flu-like symptoms. Greyson seems worried, but Dr. Dewrin says everything is just fine.

Pandemic- GREYSON|Chapter One: A Normal Checkup

"*Cough cough cough*"

"You really should check that out. It's gotten worse."

"It's ok Grey. I'm sure it's nothing- *cough*"

"Ok fine, but at least get some rest. If it gets any worse we'll go to the doctor."

"All right. I'm gonna take a nap. cough"

Samantha has gotten worse. I wonder if it's the flu. Yeah, it probably is. I hope it doesn't turn into something worse. And I hope I don't get the flu either...


It's been an hour and I think Samantha's starting to get up. I hope she's better.

"Ow, my head!" She's not better. I need to go check on her.

"Samantha, we better get you to a doctor now."

"I-I'm ok- *bleugh*"

Oh god. She threw up. Ew ew ew. It's gotten a lot worse. I need to get the car keys.

"It's ok, it's ok. I'm gonna get the car keys and we're heading straight to the doctor's office."


"Alright, we're almost there. Just hang in there and try not to throw up in the car." Come on, come on, come on! We can make it before she throws up again. Please, please, please.

Ok, we're here. "Ok, we're here. Try and get up."

"I can't, I'm too nauseous."

I'm gonna have to help her up. I'm probably gonna get sick. "Come on."


"Ok, so you said she was coughing a lot then she took a nap. An hour after she had a headache and started to vomit."

"Yeah, that's exactly right."

"Sounds like the flu. I would prescribe NyQuil or DayQuil. Either one is good. So, Greyson, you would have to pick up one of these medicines from a pharmacy as soon as you leave here.

As for you Samantha, make sure you get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. Please stay away from your husband and wear a face mask. And that's it. If you can, come back next week.

Greyson, next week if you don't have any symptoms of the flu, if you haven't already, I'd advise you to get your flu vaccines. You are free to go."

"Thank you, Dr...."

"Dewrin, Dr. Dewrin"

"Ok, thank you Dr. Dewrin. See you next week."

"Alright, let's go to the pharmacy."

"*Cough cough*"

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