Containment Breach Chapter Two: The Weird Roommate
Containment Breach Chapter Two: The Weird Roommate scp stories

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25 year old Tom just started working at the facility. But while he is working the SCP Facility has the worst containment breach yet. A breach with one of the most powerful and dangerous SCPs causes many other SCPs to breach. Everyone evacuates the facility but Tom, only on his first day of the job has to find his way through the facility in order to survive.

Containment Breach Chapter Two: The Weird Roommate

After walking with the guards Tom finally got to his cell. One of the guards pushed Tom into his cell and said, "Here is your cell and your roommate. That guy is weird.

" Tom saw that his roommate was wearing the same orange jumpsuit as him. Tom also saw that there was something on the back of his roommate's jumpsuit. It read, Class D-9341.

Since Tom and his roommate were going to be living in the same room for the rest of their lives Tom decided to get to know his roommate. "Hello, what's your name," Tom said to his roommate.

Tom's roommate didn't respond. He just walked around the room grabbing different items. Tom continued to try to speak to his roommate and said, "Ok then, I'll just call you 9341. So...

9341 what do you need all that stuff for?" Once again, 9341 did not respond to anything that Tom had just said.

It's been 10 minutes and 9341 was still walking around and jumping like usually and Tom was reading a book. Then randomly 9341 just stopped moving and was looking at the wall.

Tom looked up from his books with a look of concern. "Um... 9341? Are you ok?" 9341 didn't respond and kept looking at the wall. Then all of a sudden 9341 grabbed a keycard from his pocket.

It was the same keycard that the man pulled out when he was talking to Tom. 9341 then used the keycard to open the cell door and then walked out. Tom was surprised and confused at the same time.

"9341 where are you going! Wait for me!" Tom yelled as he was rushing towards the open door. Unfortunately the door shut before Tom could get out.

Tom was now stuck in his cell not knowing what 9341 was doing or where he was.

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