Containment Breach Chapter Three: The SCP Encounter
Containment Breach Chapter Three: The SCP Encounter  scp stories
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25 year old Tom just started working at the facility. But while he is working the SCP Facility has the worst containment breach yet. A breach with one of the most powerful and dangerous SCPs causes many other SCPs to breach. Everyone evacuates the facility but Tom, only on his first day of the job has to find his way through the facility in order to survive.

Containment Breach Chapter Three: The SCP Encounter

"Hmm... Where could 9341 go. It's not like he could just escape!" Tom thought to himself. Tom was still wondering where 9341 could have been.

He didn't even know what his actual name was! Tom kept pacing around the room. Left to right, right to left until a guard came into his cell and informed him of his first assignment.

Tom's first assignment was to test a very dangerous Keter class SCP. The SCP that Tom had to test was SCP 049. "What the heck is SCP 049?" Tom asked the guard.

The guard replied, "You'll find out soon enough. Just one tip. Never let SCP 049 touch you, or you will become a zombie.

" Tom gulped as the guard led him down the forever lasting hallways leading towards SCP 049. So many thoughts were bouncing around Tom's head.

'What is SCP 049? What will happen to me? What if I die? Where is 9341?!' Finally, Tom arrived at SCP 049's containment cell.

You could then hear a man on a speaker say, "Enter the containment chamber." Tom slowly stepped inside the containment chamber. "Closing doors," said the man on the speaker.

The door shut behind Tom and he could see SCP 049. It was about 6 feet tall and had a plague doctor mask on. It had handcuffs attached to a table.

There was another chair on the other side of the table and a sheet of paper. Tom was shaking but still managed to sit down.

He grabbed the piece of paper and it had a bunch of questions written on it. Before Tom could ask one question the man on the speakers spoke again.

He said, "Do to a containment breach with SCP 173 we now have to cut all power to the facility." Seconds later all of the lights turned off.

You heard screaming in the distance, different SCPs, and 049 broke out of containment.

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