Containment Breach Chapter One: A New Home
Containment Breach Chapter One: A New Home w/scp stories

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25 year old Tom just started working at the facility. But while he is working the SCP Facility has the worst containment breach yet. A breach with one of the most powerful and dangerous SCPs causes many other SCPs to breach. Everyone evacuates the facility but Tom, only on his first day of the job has to find his way through the facility in order to survive.

Containment Breach Chapter One: A New Home

It was the middle of summer and the perfect night just to sit back and relax. That was exactly what tom was doing. He was just laying on his bed watching The Simpsons.

But then Tom saw a tiny figure standing at the end of his hallway. "What is that thing?" Tom said as he squinted. Tom rubbed his eyes just to make sure he wasn't just seeing things.

But then it seemed bigger. The object got closer to his bedroom.

He stared at it again and thought, "Is that some kind of statue or something?

" The statue thing had red paint on its face with a pair of green circles and below those green circles was a pair of black circles.

"Ok, I am starting to think that something is actually in my house," Tom thought to himself. He got up from his bed and started to walk towards the object. While doing this Tom blinked.

Then he got a full view of the statue. It stood at 6 foot 8 inches. Tom dashed back into the room. When he reached his room he turned around and saw the statue on the other side of the room.

Tom stared at the statue and slowly walked away. Tom started to talk to the statue, "Um... statue thing. I don't know what I did but I'm really sorry.

" Tom continued, "So I'm just going to walk out and-" BOOM!!! POP! BANG!! Men carrying guns and wearing bulletproof vests rushed in the building. "Whoah! Whoah! What's happening!" Tom yelled.

More people busted through walls and doors. They came with electric cages. The statue was moving around like crazy. Left and right. Tom somehow got out of his house.

He saw a man that was standing on Tom's front yard. He walked up to the man and asked, "Um... What the heck is happening-" POP! One of the men hit Tom in the back of his head with a baton.

"Wake up!" Yelled a person. Tom woke up to the guy yelling. He looked around and saw that he was in a plain white room. In front of him was a table.

The man who was yelling wake up went and sat on the chair in front of Tom.

"What's happening?! Why am I here? Where am I? And why did you just hit me in the head?!" Tom asked.

The man began to talk, "You are in a place called the SCP Foundation-"

"Hey, I know about that! With the website and stuff. You have those creatures. But, I thought all of that was fake-"

"SHUT IT! Do not interrupt me like that again. But, you are right. We have many different anomalies and creatures. Our goal is to make people believe that this foundation is fake.

But, even though we have many horrific SCPs in our containment I'm sure you'd get used to them in about 5 months or so.

" The man stood up and pulled out a keycard from his pocket as he finished talking.

Confused and afraid Tom looked towards the man and asked, " Wait, what do you mean by I'll get used to them.?"

The man quickly turned around and said firmly, "What I mean is you'll be staying here for a long long time." After the man said that he turned back around and walked out of the room.

"No no no I can't stay here. I need to get back to my house. I can't live here for the rest of my life!" Tom shouted. Tom stood up and tried to walk out of the door.

the door had no handle and it wasn't like those automatic doors in supermarkets. "Why isn't this working!" Tom said in frustration. He finally sat back down and just decided to sit and wait.

While he was sitting there he found a pebble. With no use for it, Tom threw it at the door. He missed and hit the side of the door.

To Tom's surprise, the pebble hit a button that opened the door. Tom gave a huge sigh of relief as he walked through the door. Tom kept walking through a hallway until he bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry, excuse me I'm just walking through," said Tom. After he apologized he looked and actually saw the person. That person that Tom just bumped into was a guard.

The guard was holding a giant gun and had a mask. The guard also had two other guards behind him.

The guard said to Tom, "Come with me. You'll be going to your cell."

Tom began shaking but managed to say, "Ce- cell? Wha- what do yo- you mean cell?"

"Oh yeah! I forgot! You're the new guy," said the guard. "Well you need to prepare yourself because you're a Class D. I almost feel bad for you."

Tom looked at the guard confused, "What do you mean you almost feel bad for me? It's not like I'm going to have come face to face with those things!"

The guard looked at another guard then turned his head back towards Tom and said, "Well that's exactly what a Class D does. Except it's not just any SCP that you come face to face with.

You have to be with the worst of the worst. Like that statue that was in your house. If you would have blinked one more time you would have died."

"Well, it must not be too bad, because the guy that was talking to me in the room said that I'll get used to them in about 5 months."

All three guards started laughing.

One of the guards said, "Haha! Class Ds don't even live through the week! HAHAHAHA!

" Before Tom got to respond, one of the guards said, "Alright that's enough joking around, this guy needs to get to his cell." While Tom walked through the facility he could here different SCPs.

He heard something scream from far away, he heard some slime thing trying to escape, he also heard other guards yelling random stuff. Tom knew that this is now his home.

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