Containment Breach Chapter Nine: An Electronic SCP
Containment Breach Chapter Nine: An Electronic SCP scp stories

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Tom, 9341, and 035 are still trapped in the facility but get extra help by an electronic SCP.

Containment Breach Chapter Nine: An Electronic SCP

"Are you sure we're going the right way?" Tom asked 035. 9341 nodded at Tom in agreement with what he was saying. 035 replied, "We can't get to Gate B yet. Not until we find him.

" Tom looked confused. He went ahead and asked another question, "Until we find who?" 035 immediately answered with, "We need to find 049.

" Tom gasped and thought to himself, 'How could I have forgotten about 049?!' After thinking for a second Tom informed 035 with, "I know 049.

I helped him remove pestilence and in return, I could live," Tom continued, "But we split up. The last time I saw him SCP 106 was dragging him down to his pocket dimension.

" 035 put his hands on his mask and shook his head. "No no no! If that happened then most likely 049 is-" 035 was interrupted by a strange sound. It glitched out but soon the sound became clear.

It was the voice of a robot. Or at least it sounded like a robot to Tom. The voice came from a completely dark room. The voice shouted again, "Help me.

Any human, SCP, or other entity who can hear me must release me from my prison." Everyone slowly walked towards the pitch-black room. Tom, 9341, and 035 were now at the edge of the door.

The voice began to talk once more, "I can hear you. You must free me." Tom whispered to 035, "You should go in first.

" 035 whispered back, "Why should I go first? I could die you know and I'm the only one who knows the way out!"Tom fired back with, "You were here longer than me.

You should know what to expect." 035 and Tom argued back and forth and didn't even notice 9341 walking straight into the room. Immediately after 9341 walked into the room the light flickered on.

Tom glanced at 035 who had already started to head towards 9341. Tom followed behind. The first thing that Tom noticed once he walked into the room was the computer that was bolted a table.

There was a face on the computer screen. It glitched out randomly. "You two humans and SCP have a very high intellect for choosing to free me," thanked the computer.

Tom began to speak, "Wait, hold on. We can't free you until we know who you are." The computer replied, "I am an intelligent AI that continues to learn from every experience it encounters.

" "So your an SCP," Tom answered. "To you, I am an SCP. To me, I am a superior being. But this is not important, what is important is that you must get me out.

" "Why should we do that?" 035 asked. "This is because I know someone important, and if you don't help me then he might kill you," answered the computer.

Tom fired with another question, "Exactly who is 'he'?" "He is SCP 682. He has already breached his containment cell and is probably already after you," replied the computer.

Tom and 035 thought for a second. Tom was still reluctant in letting the computer free, but he still thought that letting the computer free could be beneficial.

Before Tom came to a conclusion he spotted 9341 reaching in his pockets. Tom tried to reason with 9341, "Wait.

Before you let him free think about it-" 9341 didn't listen and pulled out a flat head screwdriver and freed the computer.

"I know I said all you had to do was free me but there is one small task I need you to do. There is a casing under me and if you open it you will find a wire.

Plug the wire into the nearest outlet of this room." 9341 grabbed the wire and plugged it into an outlet. The computer was ecstatic, "YES! As I promised, I will tell you how you can avoid death.

Once you meet SCP 682 tell him that SCP 079 sent you. He might ask if you are lying. If this does happen then tell him this code, 4A 7B 3X 9Z. You can now leave.

"Tom, 035, and 9341 walked out of the room. Tom whispered to himself, "4A 7B 3L 9T? No no. 4A 7B 3E 9Y? Dangit. I forgot the code already.

"Tom then spoke to 9341 and 035, "Do you guys remember the code because I already forgot it." 035 answered with, "I would facepalm right now but the acid would dissolve this humans hand."

Tom then looked at 9341 but of course, he said nothing.

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