Containment Breach Chapter Eight: The Man in The Mask
Containment Breach Chapter Eight: The Man in The Mask scp stories

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Tom and 9341 wander the facility. They find a chamber and in this chamber is someone unknown.

Containment Breach Chapter Eight: The Man in The Mask

"Do you know where we're going?" Tom asked. No reply from 9341. He just kept walking, grabbing his key card from his pocket, and opening random doors.

Tom continued to talk even though he knew 9341 wasn't going to respond, "Well we still need to find 049." 9341 froze. He turned to look at Tom.

9341 then shook his head vigorously indicating that he did not like that idea. "It's not a bad thing. 049 isn't that bad once you get to know him. Except for the part where he kills everyone.

It's going to be ok." 9341 went back to doing his own thing. 9341 took a piece of wire and a bobby pin that he found and created a lock pick.

He then locked picked a safe that was on someone's desk. The safe opened slowly revealing a glowing key card. 9341 picked up the key card in caution. It still glowed in 9341's hands.

It was an Omni key card. "Woah, what is that?" Tom admired the glistening card. 9341 then dashed to another door. The door had a big red sign on it.

The sign read, "SCP 035: Object class Keter: DO NOT OPEN WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM 05 COUNCIL." 9341 reached to open the door. Tom stopped him. "I don't think that's a good idea.

It has a big red sign and usually, those aren't good." 9341 opened the door anyways.

There was a small office space on one side of the room and a fairly large containment cell. Tom shivered but still walked into the room.

"Hey!" A man called from nowhere. "Please. I need your help. Get me out. In return, I can help you get out of the facility." Tom looked around wondering where the man was.

Tom asked 9341, "Who said that? Do you know where they are?" 9341 pulled a lever which revealed the man that was stuck inside the containment cell. The man called again, "Please help.

I'll help you get out once you help me. I just need you to unlock this door." Tom turned to 9341 and said, "We need to open the door. Plus, we'll get help from him too.

" 9341 shook his head and pointed at the sign. He then pointed back at the man in the cell. Tom realized what 9341 was trying to tell him. The man in the cell is SCP 035.

9341 walked to one of the levers. "No no don't touch that!" 035 tried to reason with 9341. 9341 ignored him and started to pull the lever.

Before 9341 could pull it Tom stopped him, "Don't! Even though he's an SCP, he can still be useful for us." Tom then walked up to the door and opened it. 035 walked out of the cell.

Tom just now noticed how 035 looked like. Tom could only barely see 035 because the containment chamber was cloudy. 035 was just a normal man. Except he was wearing a drama mask.

It had black acid slowly dripping out of the sides of the mask. Tom did his best to ignore it. "Thank you so much. Now that you've helped me I can help you. I know the way out.

We need to get to Gate B." 035 then walked out of the room. Tom walked out with 035 while 9341 followed cautiously.

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