Murder on the Saga Ruby; Chapter Two
Murder on the Saga Ruby; Chapter Two
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Murder’s Bullet “Come on! I want to go unpack,” Edward Tram said excitedly to Rebecca Windsor.

Murder on the Saga Ruby; Chapter Two

Chapter three to come soon.

Murder’s Bullet

“Come on! I want to go unpack,” Edward Tram said excitedly to Rebecca Windsor.

“Okay, just a minute.”

Rebecca put away the map she was looking at and caught up to Edward.

“First we going to our room to unpack, we'll check out the restaurant, then go swimming and then get ready for dinner,” Edward said, reading off the list he had made over two weeks ago.

He probably had their whole trip planned down to the minute.

“I'll join you in a minute. I just want to check out the library,” Rebecca said, while looking longingly at the wooden doors of the library.

“No! You can read when you're dead,” Edward said, dragging her along.

They reached their room, 8319. Inside were two twin beds, a bathroom, a wooden chest of drawers and a small table in the corner.

“I call this one!” Edward yelled, throwing himself on the bed closest to the window.

Edward’s afternoon plans were cut short because five minutes later, he started throwing up.

“Edward, do you need anything?” Rebecca asked, knocking on the bathroom door.

“I’m fine, Reb. Go on without me.”

Rebecca stayed and began reading a classic, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.

A few minutes later, she put down her book and wrinkled her nose at the smell of vomit.

“Hey Edward.”

No answer.

“I'm going to go to the library, I'll be back before dinner.”

Rebecca grabbed her book and one of the room keys, then left.

The library was a cozy room, filled with comfortable-looking armchairs and couches. The floor was carpeted in red and purple and the shelves must of housed over a thousand books.

Rebecca settled on a couch and began to read.

Hours later, a gentle knock on the door brought her back to reality.

“Excuse me, madam,” a older man wearing tiny spectacles and uniform peeked into the library.

“Dinner will start in five minutes.”

“Crap, I did it again!”

Rebecca jumped up from the couch and ran out or the library.

Drew Rockefeller rushed down to dinner. Since he wanted to make a good first impression on Robert Van Doren; Drew had spent more time than he had choosing an outfit.

Drew checked the seating plan; he was sitting at table four with Rachel and Nicholas Morgan, Joseph Astor, Edward Merka and Rebecca Windsor. Drew walked inside the dinning room.

The room was brightly lit with chandeliers, large paintings of old ships.

At table four, two people already sat there. The woman was admiring her wedding ring and holding her husband’s hand. This was clearly Mr and Mrs Morgan. Drew sat down. The couple ignored him.

A man sat down on the seat to Drew’s left.

“Joseph Astor”, he said, extending his hand.

“Drew Rockefeller”, Drew replied, shaking Joseph’s hand.

The newcomer was tall, with a long, curved nose, short pecan brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a French accent.

“So…, are you here on vacation?”

“No”, Drew answered, “I'm here on business.”

Joseph thought for a moment, then answered; “Yeah, same here.”

As if on cue, two people came up and sat down at table four. One of them, a black woman, got up and shook Drew’s hand.

“Hi, I'm Rebecca Windsor.”

She was pretty; her skin was a dark, rich brown colour, she had bright brown eyes and a dark, full Afro.

“And this is my friend, Edward Tram,” Rebecca said, gesturing towards the man sitting in the seat directly opposite Drew.

Edward Tram was also good looking; his black hair was perfectly styled and he was well dressed in brown slacks and a black shirt. But he was rather pale, maybe seasickness?

“Good evening.”

A loud booming voice made them all look towards the front of the dining room, where a staff member spoke through a microphone.

“Welcome aboard the Saga Ruby. Dinner will be served in a moment. First, listen to our activities director for all the fun activities you can do during your stay.”

After hearing about all the activities, dinner, which was delicious, was served.

First was an appetizer of oyster, avocado and tomato ceviche with tortilla chips. Then the main dish was a choice of beef, lamb lobster, chicken, or fish.

And finally for dessert, strawberry and lime tiramisu.

Rebecca, Edward and Joseph were all friendly, though Edward was a little reserved

Drew leaned back in seat, feeling full. He suddenly felt exhausted, as though he had run a marathon.

“Goodnight,” Drew told the table.

“You're leaving already?” Edward looked up from the card game he was playing with Rebecca.

“Yeah, I'm tired.”

“Okay, see you at breakfast.”

Drew headed back to his room, the hallways quiet and empty.

Drew couldn't sleep. He had taken long, hot shower, gotten into his comfy bed and read his favourite novel before turning out the light.

But his brain kept him cognizant, imagining all the ways his interview the next day could go amiss.

The following day, in the early hours of the morning, a loud knock on the door awoke Drew from his fitful sleep. He rolled over and looked at his alarm clock. It read 4:24 am.

Who could want to see me at this hour? Just as he was about to ignore it and head back to sleep, the person knocked again. Fine, he though, getting out of bed.

A man with a rather grim expression stood in hall outside his door.

“Paul Orman, the captain,” the stranger said.

He offered his hand to Drew. Drew shook it, feeling baffled.

“Mr Rockefeller, I'm sorry to wake you up at this early hour but something terrible has occurred. A guest has been murdered.”

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