Murder on the Saga Ruby, Chapter 5
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The Attitude of Gloom “What do you mean it's not a big deal!” Rebecca angrily asked Edward.

Murder on the Saga Ruby, Chapter 5

The Attitude of Gloom

“What do you mean it's not a big deal!” Rebecca angrily asked Edward.

“I just think we shouldn't let this news wreck our trip.”

“So we're just going sit by and relax while our fellow passengers get picked off by someone on this very ship?”

“I didn't mean like that, but we would still enjoy ourselves rather than locking ourselves in the room and never leaving. And, of course, take extra precautions.”

Rebecca sighed. “Fine, we will still have fun on this cruise. So, what should we do now?”

“Go for lunch?”

“We just had breakfast thirty minutes ago.”

“Go for a swim?”


Edward threw his hands up in the air. “Alright, fine. If you're going to reject all of my suggestions, then make your own plans. In the meantime, I will be at the pool.”

He packed a bag, grabbed a room key and left. Rebecca spent the day reading outside in a pool chair, basking in the sunlight.

Meanwhile, Drew and Joseph worked on the Saga Ruby homicide case, which is what they decided to call it; until a phone call interrupted them.

Drew pulled his phone out and answered it. “Hello.”

Paul Orman was on the other end.

“I have news. Is Mr Astor there with you?”

“Yes, Joseph's here. We were just working on the case together. You better have some good news.”

“I'm afraid not. Will you meet me at room 8765?”

Room 8765 was on level three, which was now surrounded by armed guards.

The captain waited anxiously on the threshold of the crime scene, pacing.

Drew and Joseph approached the hallway with dread.

“Let me guess," Drew said bluntly, not worrying about proper greetings.

“Another passenger has been found dead.”

“Yes, but this time it's of our staff, Lillian Schulz.”

They entered the room. Lillian Schulz was propped up on the floor, against the bed, brown eyes open and glassy. The steel handle of a knife poked out from the bushy black hair covering her chest.

“Did you find her like this?” Drew asked, indicating the unnatural way the body was propped up.

Paul Orman nodded. “I wouldn't bother looking for clues. Like the others, the killer has left no evidence. Well, I'll leave you alone to work.”

“We should start making a list of suspects,” Joseph suggested, pulling a pen and notebook out of his pocket. He sat down at a desk and got to work, Drew following him.

“Um, Drew, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to do this on my own. I find it easier to work by myself.”

“Of course, I don't mind.” Drew stepped away, feeling slightly insulted. He did mind.

Fifteen minutes later, the captain came back in. This time, however, Rebecca and Edward were with him.

“I'm sorry to interrupt but I just talked to these two out in the hall. They say they can help you solve these murders. Drew and Joseph, this is Rebecca and Edward.”

“We already know each other,” Drew explained. “But how did you know we were solving the case?”

“I googled you,” Rebecca admitted.

“I have a question,” Joseph called from the back of the room. “What do you two know about solving murders?”

“Well, what do you know?” Rebecca asked mockingly.

“It's my job; I'm a forensic pathologist. Are you going to answer my question or what?”

“Well, both Edward and I adore mysteries and we can always solve them before the main character does.”

Joseph raised his eyebrows. That, in his opinion, didn't validate someone for solving real crimes.

“Sure,” Drew spoke up, sensing Joseph's next words. “We would love for you to work with us.”

Edward and Rebecca looked excited, but Joseph looked annoyed at the prospect of working with these individuals.

“What? We should give them a chance. It's not like we've gotten anywhere in this case.”


They pulled chairs up to the desk and sat down.

“Here's a list of possible suspects,” Joseph said, passing it around.

Grace Crimson, first to find the body of Hannah Abbot

Nevaeh Fluor, maid working on ship, near crime scene at the time of Robert Van Doren’s death,

Marcus Rothchild, wallet and DNA found at crime scene

Paul Orman and Anthony Lynch knows the Way around the ship

“You think Marcus Rothchid did it?” Drew questioned Joseph.

“Not really. But he should still be on this list.”

“Hold up, who is Anthony Lynch? And why is he and Paul Orman suspects?” Rebecca asked with bewilderment on her face.

“He's the captain’s assistant.”

“And why do you think that they are the killers?”

“I don't know but it seemed good to put them on the list.”

Rebecca picked up the pen and crossed out Paul Orman and Anthony Lynch’s names.

“Here's an idea,” Edward joked. “What if one of us is the killer?”

Drew, Rebecca and Joseph all turned to look at him.

“I'm kidding!”

“Lets put aside suspects for now and focus on the passengers’s safety,” Rebecca said, taking charge. “What can we do to make the ship safer?”

“Set up a curfew,” Drew suggested.

“Have more guards.”

“Do you have any ideas, Joseph?” Rebecca asked.

“No, Edward stole my idea,” he replied, still acting like a little kid that hadn't gotten their way.

“I didn't steal your idea, I just happened to say it first!” Edward snapped.

“That's enough!” Drew shouted. “Now I'm going to go tell Mr Orman our ideas before you two start fighting.”

“Come on Ed, let's go,” Rebecca said, half-leading, half-dragging Edward out of the room. Edward shot one last hostile glance at Joseph before allowing Rebecca to lead him out.

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