Memoirs of a Teenage Millionaire: Chapter 2
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Chapter Two 6:27 pm, November 10th, 2016

Memoirs of a Teenage Millionaire: Chapter 2

Chapter Two

6:27 pm, November 10th, 2016

Once the bell rings after psychology, I head home.

After quickly editing an essay I wrote for socials and finish a short story for the creative writing course I take; I set aside my homework and set to work on chapter seven of my novel.

Just after I've finished writing out the last paragraph of the chapter seven, my phone dings. It's a message from my Tía Carmen. Espero verte el sábado, Aliena.

Huh, Mom never mentioned that we were seeing the family on Saturday. I groan internally at the thought. My extended family isn't that annoying, but they still know how to push my buttons.

They're one of the few people know about my secret success as an author.

Ever since the success of my first novel, there's been quite a shift in the approval of me and my nine cousins in our family.

Before, my relatives seemed to think my cousins were better at everything, school and/or sports. But after, in my relatives’ eyes, my primos were suddenly inferior compared to me.

Not that I like most of my cousins that much, though. Camila and Samuel are the only ones around my age. Samuel and I are the same age and Camila is a year older.

I check the time. 6:29. Crap! I'm supposed to email the chapters Serena and I are discussing in our weekly Skype conference.

Most editors don't do their job this way; talking with their clients routinely and editing each chapter individually, rather than editing the book as a whole.

Most of The Galaxy Team was traditionally edited by a guy named Mike Brown, who was as boring as his name.

I had finished writing the first draft of The Star Glazer and my editor hired Serena Stryker, my current editor. Serena is a great editor.

She lives in New Brunswick and has a degree in English Literature, creative writing and mythology.

I paste the document into email and hit send. A minute later, my computer screen lights up. Accept Skype call from Serena Stryker? I hit accept and her smiling face fills my screen.

“Hi, Aliena,” Serena exclaims.


“Lets start. Oh, you didn't send them to me.”

“I sent them to you hours ago,” I lie.

“6:29 pm?” She says, while looking at me suspiciously and reading off her computer.

“I got caught up in homework.”

“Okay but try to write them earlier. Remember this book is your top priority.” Serena laughs, then adds, “forget I said that.”

The next half an hour passes by quickly; we go over chapters six and seven and make edits.

At dinner that night, mom tells me some rather horrifying news.

“We're spending all Friday at your aunt Breatice’s house with all the familia.”

I groan. “But Friday is my day to hang out with my friends! I don't want to spend all day with the family.”

My mother looks offended. “I'm not going to argue with you. This is a closed deal. We are all being there on Friday.”

I open my mouth, but I knew it would be useless to argue. Arguing with my Mom is like talking with a brick wall.

Back in my room, I pick up my phone to text Star, Cass, Daniel and Aaron.

Sorry, I can't come on Friday.

Oh, no!! Why?

My parents are making me spend the whole day with my extended family.

Too bad, then. See you next week!

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