Hogwarts houses before exams
Hogwarts houses before exams harry potter stories

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Hogwarts houses before exams

Gryffindor - batches of notes and flash cards everywhere -highlight in bright, random colours -looking like they rolled out of bed but has a crazy look in their eyes like they have had too much caffeine

Slytherin - calm, but look like they've been up all night -pacing back and forward with echoing footsteps -chewing gum to relive stress -neat notes, colourful co-ordinated and organised in alphabetical order

- looking like they'd rather be anywhere else

Ravenclaw - quill tucked behind their ear -quickly explaining things to everyone else -ranting about something that isn't even on the exa, -saying random, memorized aloud

- which only make sense to them and no one else

Hufflepuff - trying to calm themselves down - mumbling to themselves with wild hand gestures -lucky charm clenched in their hand -offering a kind listening ear to anyone who looks worried

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