Agent Hirsch and the Battle of the Bookstore
Agent Hirsch and the Battle of the Bookstore science fiction stories

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A secret agent. A reluctant teenager. A secret organization for good.

Agent Hirsch and the Battle of the Bookstore

The harsh, bright overhead lights of Chapters shone down on Issac as he watched Natalie browse. He leaned back against the wall and pulled out his phone.

Issac noticed that he had a new message from his friend, Joel.

Where are you??

Sorry, I can't come tonight


My parents made me take my little cousin out

That sucks! Well see you Monday

“Have you ever read the Civil War series?” Natalie’s sudden presence broke Issac from his stupor.

“No. Are you done yet?” He asked impatiently.

“Do you even read at all?”

“Not really,” he answered truthfully.

Natalie flashed him a look of disappointment.

“I'm going to need another five minutes, “she said and disappeared among the bookshelves again. Issac sighed.

He still couldn't believe that he was here, instead of being out on a Friday night. Not that he was here willingly.

Earlier that night, his dad came in to his room during a serious session of last minute studying.

“Are you going anywhere tonight?” His father casually asked.

“Yeah, I'm going to Joel's.” Issac replied, looking up from his history textbook.

“Well, you can cancel that. Natalie here in twenty minutes for you to take her to the bookstore.”


“Because she's your cousin and we don't see her or her family very often.”

“There's a reason for that,” Issac muttered under his breath.

“What did you say?” His father snapped.


Part two will come soon!!

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