"Do you mind if I ask which book you're reading?"
"Do you mind if I ask which book you're reading?" café stories

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I was on my own on a cold and grey morning, reading at a tucked-away café in Tokyo. That's when he came up to me and changed all the plans I had made for myself.

"Do you mind if I ask which book you're reading?"

I was visiting a friend in Tokyo. She was working during the day, which meant that I had plenty of time on my own to to explore the city I had heard so much about.

I set off on a cold and grey Monday morning. My first stop was a cozy café she had recommended.

This unassuming little café was tucked-away in an alley far away from the crowded street. Apart from serving great hand-brewed coffee, it was the perfect place for reading.

I went inside the heated wooden room and picked a seat facing the large windows that filled the space with light.

There were more visitors than I expected. People were talking in murmurs and voices were occasionally drowned by the sound of a passing train just outside the window.

I took a sip of the coffee, closed my eyes and enjoyed the hot and aromatic drink.

I had brought along my Kindle and started reading the new book I had just ordered.

He was sitting on a nearby table with a Kindle in his hands, but his mind was too distracted to concentrate on the content of what he was reading.

He decided to put the Kindle down, stand up and walk over to my table.

"Ah, I see it's a Kindle club over here!", he said. I looked up and saw a man in glasses standing in front of me.

"Sorry to bother your reading. Do you mind if I ask which book it is?" His voice gave off a confident, American tone.

I smiled to him and put my Kindle down.

We chatted for a bit and found several things in common; We were both traveling in Japan and had been skiing at the same ski resort before arriving to Tokyo.

We were both working for diplomatic missions, he was based in Shanghai, while I was based in Hong Kong. We had both lived in Beijing before moving to our current cities.

We could speak Spanish, Chinese and French, apart from English.

He was interesting. It sparked my curiosity to have a longer conversation to get to know him better.

It was the first time I was picked up by a guy while reading at a café. With such a good opening line, I didn't mind it at all and ended up giving him my number.

Thanks to him, my Tokyo visit turned out to be very different than what I had initially planned for myself.

So when my friend asked, "How was the café?" I gave her a shy smile and replied, "Well, I met this guy..."

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