Behind the guise


                             Behind the guise
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...and he said

Behind the guise

As years went by And her heart withered, she’d rather keep the mask on. revealing her true-self she feared so secure behind the guise so full of her-assumed-self she diffused into the mask and the mask into herself.

Her hour upon the stage, she struts and frets applause, admiration behind a mask to reflect. In moments of true emotion, behind closed doors, the mask would slip off and shatter on the floor.

Two eyes in the crowd shone apart from the rest they were there for the she she had always neglect. While the crowds cheered on, in those eyes at her affixed, for a few flickering seconds her true self she glimpsed.

By the mirror she stood hand clasped to her face in futile agony this mask to efface. A mask may be adamant it may cover the face whole but it can never drape those windows to the soul.

“It will be difficult to search the true-self long concealed. let these drape-less windows the path reveal.”

“Look deep in mine eyes,” he said.

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