You're mine now
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Just a story involving a "crush" with a hint of mystery and thriller.

You're mine now

You cry...i see you. You laugh...I see you. Whatever you do I see you. I always see you. But you don't even acknowledge my existence. As if I don't exist. But I do....I do exist.

You'll see me in the corridor and look away but when I see you I stare away. You don't even know me but...I know each and everything about you. All your friends are my friends.

Infact, I know your parents too. But you do all of this "ignoring" because you love her!? You love her!? I worked so hard to get you but someone else got you!? I killed her.

I had to! I had no other choice! No one knew that I did it. I framed you for the murder. You were caught. It's easy to fool people. All it requires is material. It requires proof.

Now, we're happily dating. I'm the only one who comes to visit you. You're mine now. No one can take you away from me. Silly jack.

Instagram : @thesarashow_

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