What are you?
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A story that makes you realize what you truly are.

What are you?

You know...life doesn't always go the way you want it to. But she understood it the hard way. She was a girl brimming with dreams... dreams that seemed easy to touch. She wasn't wrong.

She is Brianna. Brianna is you, me and every other girl in this world. Brianna met Alex, a guy with a mystical charm. He's what Brianna considered a "perfect man".

But Alex left Brianna for Jamie. Brianna's heart broke. She felt she was ugly, not good enough and exhausted with flaws. She developed an eating disorder, but it wasn't enough.

She got plastic surgery, but it wasn't enough either. She started applying make-up, but...it wasn't enough. It was sad. All she had to do was accept herself the way she is. But....

she refused to. She died with excessive silicone in her body. Relate this story with your real life. You're doing the same thing but in a different way. Everyone has their own unique way to...

destroy themselves. Brianna was self-conscious, Alex always wanted more and Jamie was just like Brianna so Alex soon left her too.

It's hard to understand this story at first but just try relating to yourself.

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