The Jungle
The Jungle romance stories

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Just an unusual story. Hope you'll enjoy it!

The Jungle

I wanna feel you...feel your warmth...your hands on me...your body on me. Why did you have to ruin it!? Why!? WHY!?!? "I loved you....I still do.

But why aren't you here anymore?? Where are you?? Did I lose you!? Baby where are you!!?

", said Annika who is left alone in the jungle with horrifying animals, stinging insects and dirt everywhere. She wants him...she loves him...but maybe he didn't.

Wait, he didn't!?!?! She tries to leave the jungle, but couldn't because it wasn't time to go. She was taken to a mental asylum....

she killed the love of her life because she thought he was a dangerous animal. She was diagnosed with extreme schizophrenia. She saw the world to be a jungle and people as animals and insects.

She has killed 57 people till date.

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