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I'm pretty sure this is the best story on commaful.


My brother and I were a part of the middle class. He was 26 years old and I was 14 years old. He used to bring his friend, Ramesh to our house for night stays constantly.

Ramesh was your typical rich guy and was good to look at. One night, my brother was called for a nightshift and had to leave at 11:00pm.

Ramesh was sleeping in one of the rooms and my brother started acting weird. He was screaming at me, cussing and just going crazy.

He said, "Why should I leave you alone with him at night!?!?! I know what you both are up to!!" And them rushed to the Ramesh's room and asked him to leave.


Ramesh was a rich kid with a lot of power and his father was known for killing people and fraude but he still came here to sleep because he was lonely and ruse so no one could

really tolerate him. My brother called his two close friends to pick him up so that they could travel together but mostly because he wanted them to "speak" to me. 20 minutes later, they arrived.

Started lecturing me and stuff. That's when we heard a knock at our door, my brother went to answer it. It was just an old lady who was looking for some water to drink, she was homeless.

We brought her in and gave her water. When she left, she gave a very weird look but we didn't think much of it. All of a sudden, we realised that it's 8:00am in the morning!! We were perplexed.

Who wouldn't be?!? None of us left the house. Around 11:00am I had a fight with my brother because of that stupid allegation he made about me.

He sat beside me trying to explain to me that he loved me a lot and wanted the best for me and he was about to put his hand on my cheek but......

a plant with a pink flower was growing out of his hand....I am not kidding. After a long debate, we came to the conclusion that we are dead. We are dead. We are in purgatory.

His father ordered some people to kill us because we asked him to leave. So we died. And now we are stuck in a purgatory.

It's been 23 years!! I just found this device and started writing with this weird font thing that appears.....anyways I don't know if anyone is reading this. If it's god who's reading it.

I am not aware. But if anyone is, please help us. We are stuck in this loop hole. Purgatory, purgatory!!!!!

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