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It's a story.... that's all I can say.


"Hey...I have something to confess" he said with an anxious tone. "What is it?" I asked. "I...I love you" he said. I could feel him smiling cause I was smiling too. "I was waiting for this.

I love you too" I said blushingly. It's been 4 months... we're still together. I wasn't feeling it...I mean..I just don't know. Losing him didn't really scare me. He was perfect.

The perfect kind of guy, he did everything he could as a boyfriend. 2 months later, he has changed. He's not...he's not perfect anymore. But I've started to actually fall for him. Now....

I care about him...I wouldn't want to lose him. But now he doesn't has changed. We broke up. It was starting to get too toxic so we had to.

Few months later, turns out he's dating someone new... someone who probably cares about him. I don't feel like myself anymore.....I want him. Few more months had passed, I finally texted him.

"I miss you. I didn't just lose you...I lost myself too". Waiting for his reply. "I've moved on" he said. Weeks later we met, not on purpose. We just greeted each other and moved on our paths.

Days later I get a text...."I think I lost myself too with you...I miss you too" he said. My heart never felt this good, it never felt such relief. Now, we're together again.....but...

losing him doesn't scare me.

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