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theroadnottaken Community member
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This is an original poem of mine. I’m really proud of it, and I hope you enjoy!


We all wear them

The innocent girl on the playground, her life ahead of her

The old woman in line at the grocery store, waiting for life to end

The teenager walking down the street, lost in the jungle of the world

We pretend not to see

But the masks are always there

Always on


Hers is her smile

When she sees her friends in the halls

After binging and purging yet again

Even though she said she would stop

Because when she looks in the mirror

She despises the thing looking back at her

His is his resounding laugh

Full of joy and light

When his beautiful children step off of the school bus

The children he created with his wife

The woman he loves

Who has given her love to another

Maybe yours is your friendly wave

Your witty comment

Your playful conversation

Or maybe it's as simple as saying "I'm fine"

When you are not

We all wear the masks

Because everyone is in pain

But we are happier unaware

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