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A poem for the Love Contest 2016. Please vote!

You & Me

by therinamartins

Your heart was a cornerstone. And I was the builder.

You were in need, desperate, hurt, and lonely, ready to be loved. Purely. Truly. Wholly. A blank page for my pen to fly over. Darling, will you let me?

Stop, and listen to my beat. Does it beat in sync with you?

Do my kisses send you high? Do they make you want more? Drunken for it? Desiring it? Love it?

Does your mind wander to me? Thinking on me?

Do you yearn for my presence? Waiting everyday for me to write you? Do you wish you were with me? Holding me close to never lose me?

Do you talk to the moon when I'm away?

Hoping I'll be on the other side to respond? Does it hurt to be away from me? Does it make you feel useless? Do you have a feeling that a second takes hours?


Please don't be afraid that I will run. And never come back. Please do not doubt my love for you. I am a writer, full of fickleness, full of mind wandering ideas.

But one thing I promise you-

My heart will never wander. It stays put, grounded, locked, and bound, In a free prison, a world I'd never leave even if i had a choice.

Because no matter how far i go.

No matter how long I'm away. It hurts me just as much to leave you. I'd rather wander a million miles with you than take a single step without you. We were meant to be.

Even if people say otherwise.

I promise you I won't. I promised you that on the flower covered altar. I promise it again. To keep and love you, cherish, and respect you. To never wander farther than my heart will let.

Because no matter how much I wrote on your heart...

Engraving it deep- Loving every curve and slip of the letters. No matter how much it scarred you. Forever...

You did the same with me.

Pleàse vote! This story is for the love contest 2016.

I'll be more than grateful if you do. I hope you like!

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