Where My Heart Lies
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therinamartinsWriter, Friend, Daydreamer, Lover of Art
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Where My Heart Lies

by therinamartins


Take my faults, And all my ties, That anchor me away from you. That keep me rationally irrational, Stubborn hearted against your will.

Take my dreams,

That part me from you, That break me everyday, Masking each hurt with a reward. A reward that takes me would farther from you. Keep my ears open, When cars roar to drown you out.

Take me to a special place,

Though I stand mid chaos. Help me rise again, And make my life yours, Parted and sanctified, Forever sensitive to your pull.

Take everything I have become,

Take my words, Lord, My endless words that fall on deaf ears, And let them please you, Following your example, Though the world fights against them.

Make me pure again,

Please be merciful, Father, Though my heart is stained with sin, And rub it all away, Purge me of my hurt, as scarlet as blood, Make me as pure as a babe. Let me seek you, and talk with you

As a Father and his child,

So I may not stray. Take my faults, take my hurt, and sins, Make them forgotten before your eyes, Make me pure again. Before your eyes and your justice.

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