When "I Love You" Doesn't Work
When "I Love You" Doesn't Work dating stories

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When "I Love You" Doesn't Work

by therinamartins


If you want to make that special someone feel loved, don't tell her you do. It's just overused and well...girls get sick of it sooner than later.

And No "I Love You" Notes

Again, over used.

Try Giving Her Something She Needs

You'll be showing her you want her best. Like when you have a steaming cup of coffee when she arrives freezing cold.

Get Your Cooking Skills Up a Notch

Yep, girls love guys who cook. Believe me, they really do. Show her she's special enough for you to worry about not poisoning her with your food. You might be used to it. But is she?

Try Making Her Feel Important in Public

Out with friends? Show her off. Brag about her. Do it all as if she's not there, but you know she can hear you.

Surprise Her

Not with gifts or lovey-dovey nonsense. More like showing her she's important in ways such as you cleaning out your apartment when she comes over Or reading her fav book.

Make Her Laugh

When she's pissed off. No, it's not suicide. It's work, and you'll two be more close once you realize that you can still be happy during a hurricane.

Be Honest

Nothing beats good old sincerity. She'll love you more when she sees that your trusting her enough to open up and be honest with her.

Once You Spare the "I Love Yous"

And prdove it....

You Can Go Full On...

With the cheesy sayings and love notes after the marriage. She might not like it when the two of you were dating, but once you tie the knot... Trust me, shell LOVE it.

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