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A love poem

We Are Love

by therinamartins

Does it make me a fool,

To wish upon a star? To love unconditionally? To believe in what people don't see? To take leaps of faith, When I can't see where I'll land? To believe in love until death do us part?

Is it something so random,

That it should be thrown away like a bouquet thrown in a wedding? A thing that can be used then thrown to the side, Forgotten? A flower forgotten on a bench? A rose alone in a bush?

My mother told me...

That love was forever, that I should love even when I didn't feel like loving. That there was a man for each woman, And a woman for each man. That two hearts would be one,

Forever until their last breath.

So, tell me, love: Does it make me a fool to love you? To cherish every waking moment I have with you? To live with and for you? Am I but a hopeless fool?

Is it foolishness?

Am I naïve? Childish? Trusting? Gullible? Or are we something true? Something amazing? Something so divine that people die for it? Envy it? Desire it with all their hearts?

I never understood the concept of love.

Neither will I try. I will love. I will til my last second. And I will not question God's plan with our union. Nor treat it with contempt. For it is sacred.

We were made by invisible hands.

Moulded to perfection, Like two puzzle pieces, fitting together perfectly. That is why I won't question. I won't doubt God's grace. If He put us together, Darling, Who am I to say no?

It might seem strange.

Yes. But there are some things better left unspoken. Love isn't explained. It is lived. It is felt. It is cherished. It is loved.

So the next time I see you...

Sitting in your usual seat, I'll smile. And you'll wonder why. I'll let you hold my hand. And you'll wonder why. I'll let you tell me that you love me. And you'll wonder why.

I'll do it all.

Because I love you.

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