Zombies at Sunrise
Zombies at Sunrise inspiration stories

therinamartins Writer, Friend, Daydreamer, Lover of Art
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Zombies at Sunrise

by therinamartins

If you could have anything, what would it be?

The touch of Medina? A life as famous as Mark Zuckerburg? Or a simple home with a great family?

What is your definition of happiness?

Something that is physical, that you can show to the world? Or something invisible, amazing only to yourself?

It all depends on perspective, they say.

But what if it doesn't? What if it depends on circumstances? Times and events that moulded you into what you end up being tomorrow?

Is it possible to change a life 360 and start anew?

Yes, but only the strong willed will stand. Not those who boast on being strong, but those who doubt themselves into being stronger.

Because unless you can choose to change your life

Change the way you live, The way people see you, The way you have been seen in the past...

You will only be a zombie at sunrise.

Flourishing in the still of night, but shattering in pain at the first ray of light. You will not progress.

But it all depends on you.

Your future is in your hands. The land lies before you to embrace, your footsteps to mark them for others after you.

It's your choice.

Do you want to stand out? Then do everything you can to stand out. It takes guts, passion, love, admiration, and trust. You can be dirt poor, but nothing can stand in your way of being great.

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