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What I want from my Lover.

By: Rina Martins

To Love Someone...

by Rina Martins

I want to find love. Even if it may take years to find you.

I want to find my heart's home. I want to be with you and know that I'm safe.

I want to look at you and kiss you. And feel like I could magically stop the time to keep this moment in eternity.

I want to keep coming back to you every time. Even though my heart and mind wander, you will always be the place I love coming back to.

I want to feel your arms around me. I want to smell you around me, my senses going drunken; feel your warmth; your touch...

I want to fight and make-up the same day. Because I'll never be able to stay angry at you forever.

I want you to tell me I'm beautiful even in my sweatpants. I want to see the love in your eyes every time you look at me.

I want you to support my dreams. The same way I'll be supportive of yours.

I want to love you.

But can I?

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