The Life We Live
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The Life We Live

by therinamartins

It is indescribable.

We laugh, we love, we live, we die. But it is a blessing in a chaotic world. Precious. Beautiful. Amazing.

We Are One.

One in billions, we stand out. We show our face. We bare our hearts to the world's arrows But we stand courageous to the end. Because we do not fear life itself, But the roads life takes us-

When The Truth Hurts

We cower in shame. Yet, in the midst of all trouble, We see a light- A faint, glittering light- That gives us hope, Hope, that will never be quenched.

Life isn't a burden,

It is not a doom to live. Life, in all its glory, is a diamond roughly-hewn. We don't see what lies underneath, But as we live, we chip and wear away the dirt, To reveal the value beneath.

We should not dispair

When we see no way out of all the pain. Troubles are fleeting, as the waves of the sea, They rise to threatening heights, Yet fall quickly to shame. They are not as strong as their display.

And when we decide to open life,

We see what we couldn't see before. We live through life, Without seeing it, But at the end, as we look back, We see it plainly- and smile.

We laugh, we love, we kiss

We cry, we fight, we believe, we inspire- We play, we cherish, we remember- We live. Because this is the life we live. And no one can live it for us.

Please Vote.

This poem is for the comma poetry slam/ contest, so if you liked it, please vote! I really appreciate it! The picture in the background is my mother and I.

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