One Tiny Bean, One Great Invention
One Tiny Bean, One Great Invention facts stories

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One Tiny Bean, One Great Invention

by therinamartins


Virgin chocolate is made from unroasted cacau nibs. It retains its nutrients, and has a bolder and distinct flavour. It's healthier, too.

White Chocolate

White chocolate only consists of the cacau butter. The cacau itself isn't present. Why is is called chocolate anyways?! It should be called butter bars...

Before the Bars

The Aztecs drank a drink made from the cacau nibs, unsweetened and piping hot. To them, it was as precious as gold. Much like our chocolate bars today...

The Dark Truth

The only chocolate that's truly good for you is the dark one, 70% is the minimum.

Chocolate Business

If you want to start your own chocolate business, it's actually pretty simple. Just a little investment here, a little more effort there,trademark it all, and BOOM! Now there's one sweet profit!

Kissing Our Worries Goodbye

Chocolate sets off our "pleasure" hormone, thus giving us that relaxed, "I'm okay" feeling everyone craves during our stressed routine. It's a quick fix when you can't do meditation. Or yoga.

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