Kiss Me Slowly
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therinamartins Writer, Friend, Daydreamer, Lover of Art
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Kiss Me Slowly

by therinamartins

Sparks and fires-

Burning, shimmering, sparkling, glimmering In your eyes Glancing off your smile- Making the stars jealous

Your touch, so tender yet firm

The tone of your voice The scent that was engraved in my mind- The way your eyes spoke when your lips were closed.

But in the midst of it all I wonder;

Will it last, forever, eternal, everlasting? Will it still speak, laugh, comfort As it does now? Will your heart be as bound to mine As we are now? Or will time play the villian, the bandit?

And strip us, with a cold hand

Of everything we have, we love, we care? Leaving a solitary mark As sign of what was lost? In mocking jest and play?

Blurring the lines

Between reality and fantasy. Wil our love hold true? Be strong? Hold fast and not break? Will I still talk to you without words?


Kiss me slowly. Hold your breath and count to ten, Wish upon a star That we will last before our time is up. And still be able to say, At the end of the day...

I love you.

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