Old Friends
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Old Friends

by therinamartins

I was always there.

I watched you fall asleep, snuggling me in your arms. I watched you go about your duties, dragging me everywhere you went. I was your best friend. Your secret keeper.

We would spend summer after summer together.

Or we'd snuggle by a fire, sipping hot cocoa and munching on your favorite shortbread cookies. And in the autumn, you'd drag me outside, throwing me into the leaf pile, and jumping in after.

But then you grew. You didn't see me as your friend.

I was just a bear. A teddy bear, too childish for your growing wits and tastes. You placed me on the dusty shelf, and barely glanced at me while I was there, a prisoner in frozen time.

I waited patiently, but never did you talk to me like we did

You were always on a rush, with school, and parties, and friends that could spill your guts in a breath. I greyed as you mustered all your power to be someone you were not able to be before.

You almost gave me away.

You stared at me. Fighting to let me go. But you never did. You simply put me back on that shelf. That was when I realized I was still important to you. And I greyed a little less.

You went to college.

And much to my surprise, you stick me in the box and hauled me after you. Although you never did snuggle me again, I knew you still cared.

Then you fell in love. You married. You had a child.

And you gave me a new best friend. One that still had a long way to go before I was forgotten. I saw that little child's smile when you handed me over. But I also saw the love.

Time will always pull me to bits.

But now, you still stitch upo my holes and hurts when he brings me to you, your finger brushing my fur gently. I was never in your head. But your eyes always told the truth.

You would love me.


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