My Three Word Story
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My Three Word Story

by therinamartins


I found myself staring into his eyes, my heart thundering in my chest. His lips twitched into a small smile, but as he turned away from me, I felt my heart stop. No. Please don't go....

He turned, and looked back at me. "I can't do this to you, your heart is too beautiful to be corrupted by someone like me." I stared at him. Now it was my time to smile at him.

"If you're so worried about corrupting my heart, that means yours is just as beautiful." He paused, then smiled again. "You're right."


I was staring at the tiny ground below me, fiddling with my parachute straps, when he came to stand next to me. "Are you ready to be brave, love?"

"No." He chuckled. "No one is brave until they actually do something about their fears." I stared at the height, then smiled at him. "You're right." Without second thoughts, I jumped


I was staring at the old run down building when he spoke up next to me. "Did you know we are all antiques? Just like this building?" My expression was one of insult, because he raised his hands

"We all became antiques from the day we were born." The grin he gave me was boyish as he thumped the hollow door, sending echoes through the empty place.

"Except we take much better care of it than whoever was the owner of this place." "You make me feel old." "Darling, you are, just better maintained."


This is my example of a three word story. It has to be short, two to three slides max each word. And doesn't really have to be connected. It will test each writer's creativity in power punches

Hope you like!

Label each story as fun so we can find it. And tag it with #teenwriterchamps in the story tags. And don't forget to tag it if you share on Twitter with the hashtag #teenwriterchamps as well!

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