Love Advice from the Heart
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Love Advice from the Heart

by therinamartins

The Differences Are Normal

It's okay to have differences between you and your love. They are there to complete you. So don't give up on something beautiful just because he likes blueberries and you like raspberries.

Take the Chance

Some people never find their soulmate because they're not willing to take the risk of falling in love and getting hurt. But when you give in, you somehow find yourself and become a better person.

Love without Limitations

True love requires you to love without bring too critical on the other person's faults. Because let's face it, if the other side was as critical as you... Where would you be?

Give in to What You Believe

Not what others tell you. Sure, maybe they may have some more knowledge on the person subject, but it's your decision to continue cautiously, or give up without trying.

Don't let Time be a Hindrance

Time strengthens the bond. Don't let it be the opposite.

Believe in Yourself

You are you, and there will never be someone like you. Don't accept being treated like crap. You're special. You're unique. And if he doesn't want to see that, go find someone who will.

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