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My upcoming novel.
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By: Rina Martins

Just Breathe

by Rina Martins

The ocean was trying to kill her.

It was a furious, churning creature, pulling her under it's frothy waves.

Morgan tried to grasp the cove's rocks, her fingers clawing at the slick rocks that divided earth and water.

But it was useless.

It pulled her back in, muffling her cries.

Once, she had seen the cove as her friend. But it made it clear she wasn't welcome there... she wasn't sure if she even was before. She had always gone with her family.

And when it took her parents, she went with her sister. After Hannah died, she hadn't gone close to the cove.

Until now.

Morgan felt her legs and arms ache. How long had she been fighting?

Her lungs burned.

Her head broke the surface. She gulped for air before another wave crashed over her. She had to make it out of there alive.

Comment, like, share please! I am grateful you've read this sneak peek of my upoming novel. It's a thriller fantasy.

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