I'm a Survivor
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I'm a Survivor

by therinamartins

Of Abortion.

I was almost killed at 24 weeks. God spared my life.

From homelessness

I was sent to the orphanage, where I spent four years of my life. Again God spared my life.


I look back and wonder.... Why? Why did God spare me? I mean, I'm one in a billion...right?

I was, but,

He loved me. He gave himself for me. He made me perfect. And he wanted me to show the world that no matter the way we have lived, he always has a plan for us.

To grow,

And show his greatness. He gave me my mind. He gave me my words. He gave me my ideas and thoughts. He used everything I had for his glory.

And now I live.

What about you? What has God done in your life?

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