How to Conquer Public Speaking
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How to Conquer Public Speaking

by therinamartins


So you're afraid of getting up there and speaking your little heart out to the world, right? If you're here, you're probably hoping for some advice. Don't fret, I'm here to help you!

I used to be terrified....

I would downright shake in fear. How did I get over it? By stopping to act like everyone was thinking bad things about me.

I Avoided Eye Contact.

There's nothing as terrifying as staring into someone else's eyes and forgetting what you had to say. So cut some slack, and look around, but not directly at people. It'll seem like you are.

Act Like You're Rocking the Show

Be confident, even when internally you're not. People will give you more attention if they see you as a secure, confident person who knows what you're talking about.

Imagine You're Alone.

Just talk like you would talk to yourself. Are you stuttering when you talk to yourself? I think not. So don't when in public.

Make Your Public Your Friends

Ask their opinion, let them ask questions, and don't chicken out when they actually do. If you're comfortable and relaxed with the situation, everyone else will be as well.


If you're worried that you dont speak well, practice with friends and family. Record yourself and be an extreme critic of yourself. Perfect the way you speak, and believe in your improvement.

Stop Worrying

People aren't thinking that youre bad. People aren't thinking that you're bad. People aren't thinking that you're bad. Now repeat it three more times before you speak in public. It helps.

Be Yourself

Don't play someone else's role. If you're not a pro actor, the audience will notice. Being yourself keeps you calmer and a little bit more secure.

Think like This:

If people don't like me the way I am, they're not worth my time. They won't help me. Act cocky when you need to. Not always... Only when you need to. Like when choosing your audience....

Find Humor in the Awkward Moments

People love it when the speaker is funny. Don't be daunted by the moments of silence, just fill it in with appropriate humor. It'll ease the scene and your body...


Ease up before you go on stage. Do deep breathes. Think positive. You're not doing yoga, you're relaxing your already stressed body. Keep as much stress as you can low.

Free Yourself

If you NOT hold the mic, the better. I've found that using my hands help me think and talk better. Use those ear mics, or clip-ons. Just be free, nad you'll free your inner public speaker.


What are you waiting for! Go be a star! Youll do great. Promise.

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