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High School Advice

by therinamartins

Choose your friends wisely.

Just because they seem cool doesn't mean they are. If you don't see yourself still friends with that person ten years from now, don't try to be friends. It'll be the best decision you'll make.

Study as much as you can.

You have the rest of your life to do whatever you want, Just don't waste these precious four years of your life that are so important. They will decide whether or not you will succeed in life.

Read all the books you can,

Don't think books are for old people. They're not. Read, read, read, read. And when you get tired of reading, read some more. Books are not optional, they're mandatory in anyone's life.

Save money.

It's easy to waste money to buy that car you want, or clothes. But will it be easy when you graduate without any funds for college? No. So save up.

Earlybirding is good for you. No matter how hard it is.

When you create a early bird habit in your life, you'll do much more, and go farther. Mornings are the best time to be productive, experts say. Plus, employers love an diligent early bird.

Plan out your life.

What are your goals for the next five years of your life after you graduate? Are you goals dreams or objectives? Plan in every detail, even if it may not go exactly to plan.

Learn to be decisive.

Don't be dependent on others. They are not living your life. The earlier you learn to make your own decisions, the earlier you'll be ready to face the world as you leave the high school bubble.

Learn new skills.

The more versatile you are the greater are your chances in getting a good job and eventually doing what you've always dreamed of doing. You'll be even more independent, with your new skills.

Don't be a hermit.

Don't ignore the little things around you. Be perspective in every area of your life. Youll regret the things you've ignored a couple years down the road. Don't be ignorant in the first place.

Be yourself.

Don't fake in being someone else. Be original. Be yours truly. And when those people make fun of you, keep in mind that it won't be you who will have a hard time living to the fullest.

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