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Friendship Advice

by therinamartins

Don't be a Bitch

Yeah, sorry for my expression, but it's true. Friends don't do bitches. To be a friend that is actually noteworthy, stop thinking on yourself and give the other a chance to be open with you.

Running the Extra Mile

Run the extra mile even when you don't need to. Friends who see that you do that will trust you to still run the extra mile when they need you there for them.

Rain? Where's My Umbrella?

Every friendship has their rainy days where one just wants to be alone. What do you do? Leave them alone? No. You stand outside their building, waiting for them to let you in in their own time

Time...Friend or Foe?

Don't let time wear your friendship out. It's a classic, so renovate it as constantly as possible. There's always time for new things to try out and new places to go together.

Black and White

If your friend is seeing things in black and white, give them a view of things in grey. They always need your opinion, even if they play hard and tell you they don't. They do.

Willingness, not Feeling Like It

Being a friend requires willingness to drop everything and help them out. Don't wait until you feel like it, because by then it might be too late, and you've proven yourself unreliable.

Don't Forget to Smile

A smile always brightens up someone's day, even if they're in a war zone. Do it more often, it helps you too...

Above All...

Trust them. And they will trust you.

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